BioSep® - Unique pre-treatment technology

BioSep® is a unique Pre-treatment technology that enables separation of Organic Material from plastics and other packaging materials in existing waste streams. The end product from this process is a virtually plastic free biomass suitable for anaerobic digestion for biogas production.

The technology has been industrialized and made available for the professional market.

Today the BioSep® is the core component in our BioPrePlant® Systems. BioPrePlant® Systems are "All-In-One" systems that are customized to satisfy our clients every need. The "All-In-One" system enables acceptance of a wide range of feed stock from food waste, providing flexibility, consistency and minimal down time in the plant due to lack of raw material. At the same time our BioPrePlant® System stands for a unique and groundbreaking performance and quality in pre-treatment of food waste, with proven performance data previously unknown to the industry.

Next generation Pre treatment for depacking of food waste and removal of transport packing.

Worldwide, food waste disappear unexploited.

If biologically treated, food waste is green energy.

BioSep® technology is a key to success.

The BioSep® technology is the core unit in the BioPrePlant® system.

BioSep® - state of the art technology.

BioSep® technology has been developed and tested since 2004.

More than 120 000 ton waste processed.

We turn organic waste into Green Energy.