Optima 154/204
Universal shredders

Optima Recycling Solutions


Optima 154/204 is a single shaft shredder of medium speed. Electric drive and hydraulic pendulum feeder, with low energy consumption. The pendulum feeder press the material against the rotor, equipped with fixed teeth that cut the material against anvil steels.

The feeder, is operated by a last generation hydraulic system with proportional valve or hydraulic variable displacement axial piston pump. The process is set from software in the PLC.

Obtains fractions: 8 - 150 mm. Capacity: 16 - 24 m3/h.

Key benefits

Highlights of the Optima shredders: Low electrical consumption • Low dust and noise level • Very simple maintenance • It is not necessary with rotor cooling • Can process material down to 10mm in one step • Technical availability from 96% to 98% • Possibility to add water in the inlet

Shreds materials

Recomended use: Industrial waste • Urban waste • Logs • Laminates • Bark • Wood waste • Paper • Craft • Plastic • Textiles





1. Feeder. Pendulum, with anti-jamming system.
2. Charge. Reduced height for more comfort.
3. Rotor. With rings, maximum cutting surface and cooling.
4. Bearing. Displaced, to avoid contamination.
5. Chassis. Very robust made in one piece.
6. Cutting chamber. Large shredding space.

In action



Technical data

Model Dimensions Inlet Power Rotor Teeth Weight
Optima 154 A1:1.460mm
A2: 2.930mm
1.500x1.300mm 55-75kW 1.500x400mm 66 6,5ton
Optima 204 A1:1.900mm
A2: 3.370mm
1.500x1.300mm 75-110kW 1.500x400mm 84 8,5ton

Optional add-ons

Optima Shredders can be equipped with a variety of complements to suit your process • Hydraulic sieve basket • Front service door • Hydraulic feeder table • Second vertical pusher • Extraction system • Enlarged hopper • Variable frequency drive, or the acronym AFD • Torque limiter, by friction • Hydraulic coupling